Does you wife touch your system?

I am quite surprised how my wife is becoming an audiophile little by little. Until not that long she was happy with computer desktop crappy speakers and now every time I get nice stereo is sounding to the point that she enjoys it more than me!!!!

I wonder if this new situation will make my next purchase justifiable...:)
No, she does not even know how to turn it on and has no interest in learning. She just enjoys the music.
Touch? no,no nooooooooooo...BUT...I put together her own system in her sewing/project room.Some older Clements floorstanders,a Nakamichi cd player and some rugged Sony jet trash integrated left over from an estate sale buy.She has the run of the cd's and will grab just about anything.Nice to walk in and hear her playing Sonny Rollins,Tubby Hayes,Art Pepper,Louis,Bix,Prez,Bird or Billie Holiday.I have to say sometimes she is playing better music than i am.The sun is shining,the music is flowing and the sewing is groovin' high.
Of course. She uses both the turntable and PC music server all the time, including both the main system and the whole house system. She is also instrumental in selecting new equipment. Without her involvement I could not justify spending as much as I have on my systems. The big thing is whether a spouse really enjoys the music. If so, they should learn to use the system. If not, they will probably ignore it.