Does your pet listen to your system?

Not sure if this has ever been a thread for discussion.
We have a pet cat.  Her name is Mina.
She sits in the sweet spot, on the floor, when my system is running, playing music.
I swear she likes to listen to music! 
No, she doesn't tap her paw on the ground or anything like that, but to me it looks like she enjoys the music!
Anyone else out there have a pet that listens to music with them?
No official study, just curious.......
Depends on the music.
Yesterday my dog (a Vizsla - Ridgeback cross) seemed to be listening attentively to Delibes. She'll tolerate the Beatles sometimes.  Rolling Stones? She's liable to leave the room. 

The cat seems to be oblivious to everything.  "Just feed me, already."
Our last hound mix dog Ally used to lay in front of the speakers whenever I played music even at loud volumes. When she was young she once came into the house with a piece of firewood in her mouth and placed it on the lower empty shelf of my audio rack. Always wondered what that was about. Put a nice chink in the wood shelf too:)