Does your system sound better than most demo's?

I just got back from a music show tonight and must say that even though I have heard some systems that sound way better than mine, mine sounds way better than many that I hear at shows or in show rooms, and it actually makes me pretty happy.

I heard a new wadia integrated unit (intuition) tonight that retails for somewhere around $8,000 for a class d amp, pre amp(?) and dac all jn one very sexy looking piece, playing through a pair of $20,000 sonus faber's and my system (8,000 total ?) absolutly sounds better. Makes me really appreciate my set up.

On the other hand, the sonus faber amanti's with $34,000 wotth of moon pre, amp, dac did sound fabulous and so did the b&w nautilus with all classe gear (4 of there new 250 watt class d amps), but still, I wonder, and believe that I, could compile a system that would crush either of those rigs had I a $50,000-$100,000 budget like what those cost.

I think part of the fun of this hobby is using knowledge to make up for your lack of funds. It's like showing up to the race track with a stripped out supercharged M3 and spanking all the rich guys in there Ferrari's and Lamborghinis.

I want to go to a show where they are focused solely on sound and not how pretty and shiny the gear is; sure I like it to look good, but more important is the way it sounds because when it comes down to it, when the fun begins, the lights are off and my eyes are closed.
I have been to couple of conferences in last two years. My system sounded better than most. The only ones that sounded better were the 100k plus systems. \

But yesterday i demoed the new Wadia intuition with Sonus faber Olympia III speakers. I was very impressed for 25k including cables i felt that sounded really good. The vocals were big and rich. The instruments were accurate with impeccable timing. My preference has been warm tubey sound with fairly big sound stage. This system had all that and more...
There are several factors why we like our rigs better than the shows or even other systems in general. First humans get attached to their personal items and convice themselves that theirs is the best...that is just pure human intuition...
The other is personal taste. Give you an example i have a friend who did not like any systems a the shows. When i got a chance to demo his system i realized why...he prefers extremely warm sound the point it sounds dull to me..
so that comes down to personal preference....his system is not bad just not my taste...
I can only compare mine to something the local audio emporium had set up...Peachtree amp, Golden Ear speakers, source was some media player. My system blew it away and not by just a little. Very happy with my stuff now.
I heard that amp (Wadia Intuition) with a pair of SF Cremona M (Magnolia at Best Buy, so granted, a not very good environment). Disliked the sound so much though that, even when given the opportunity to take home to try, I declined. Could have been all set-up and/or room issues, but I heard nothing promising in the gear which retailed about twice that of my gear at home. I was glad to get home to listen to my kit instead.
In general, regardless of the higher cost of nearly all other systems I've demoed, I prefer mine.
See, I told you! We all have some bitchin systems, lol. Something else to consider is that we spend months dialing in our rigs and most local shops don't care. Also, I've found that at shows, by day 3 they sound the best because of fine tuning.

Anyways, happy listening!