Dog Owners, Do Subwoofers And Loud Noises From Your Home Theater Bother Your Dog?

I want to get a dog, a big one.  I have big speakers and a big home theater that's an integral part of my living space.  I also like to play my music loud sometimes.  The dog will have to live inside my living space.  Will this work out okay for the dog?  For any of you that own dogs that live inside the house, what is your experience?  My neighbor once complained that her cat used to go and hide when my home theater was too loud.

I am going to buy a 2,000 square foot church, gut it and live in it to indulge an audio and video fantasy.  It will be in a kind of remote area, and I feel the need to have a dog to augment electronic security for the place.  I will be living alone and I'm 69 years old. 


No DOG for 6 years? I’d be insane. I’m a dog person, so are ALL of my friends. No DOG no friend.. If my dog doesn’t like you. I know, I don’t.

My dog leaves the room if it gets to loud. They (a dog) may show signs of being gun shy. I've been sensitive to "ONE" that was given to me, that was just his way. He was from the pound. A Pound dog.. I had him the BEST 12 years of his 16 year life. I’ve found they are smarter than most creatures, I encounter.

A horse is right there too. I love a spirited horse. Like a big ol dog with horse shoes. 

BTW if it's to loud for the dog it's to loud for you too.. :-)


My dog loves listening to music. He will actually lay between the speakers in the sweet spot.

But I don’t include him in the home theater because it is in the basement, and he hates the sump pump...


Our 3 dogs (a Chihuahua, a Yorkie, and a Shih-Tzu) have done okay with the occasional loud 5.2 of “Avatar” and a few others…actually seemed bored with it all. Recently we watched a documentary about wolves though and they all reverted to their primordial canine-ness when one of the wolf puppies started howling. 😂  Darn near a “doggie barbershop quartet” there for a few minutes!

I've got three large dogs and there is some music and movie sounds they don't care for so they are free to go off into another room  when they want to. Loud sounds don't bother them.

It depends on the dog and you really won't know until you get him.  If you get a young dog your chances are better with proper training.