Dog pissed on speaker

Any suggestions for how to remove dog piss from speaker, including on paper cone? Klipsch Heresy IV. It still has faint smell, and if I can still smell it must be strong to the dog. Dog has stopped peeing there but I’m still concerned he might again, driven by the smell. And if I get rid of the speakers, who would buy it?


There is a product called ozium that covers up nearly all smells. I would spray that on there. The visible stain on the cone your probably stuck with I would think. 

I've told my dog I will shot him in the head if he attempts #1 or #2 within 10 feet of my speakers.  It's worked so far but he hasn't gotten old and broken down like me yet.

I would just leave the cone alone. The smell will fade, and messing with it will make it worse.