Dog pissed on speaker

Any suggestions for how to remove dog piss from speaker, including on paper cone? Klipsch Heresy IV. It still has faint smell, and if I can still smell it must be strong to the dog. Dog has stopped peeing there but I’m still concerned he might again, driven by the smell. And if I get rid of the speakers, who would buy it?


How about getting doggy to piss on the other one, too?
You might get a whizzer cone into the bargain….

I would be careful about trying too many liquid solutions as that will probably start to delaminate the cone. But in limited quantity the Ozium and Pooph would be a good place to start. Or possibly alcohol since it will dry and evaporate quickest. The take the dog to the vet and have him fitted with a catheter. One last not as I didn’t see it mentioned, was it the woofer…