Dog pissed on speaker

Any suggestions for how to remove dog piss from speaker, including on paper cone? Klipsch Heresy IV. It still has faint smell, and if I can still smell it must be strong to the dog. Dog has stopped peeing there but I’m still concerned he might again, driven by the smell. And if I get rid of the speakers, who would buy it?


Don't feel so bad; I once had a dog that ATE a pair of speakers. RSL Studio Monitors, about 1983. So much for leaving the 6 month old Lab puppy home alone and uncaged.


Sorry to hear! As others have said, Nature's Miracle remove urine odors. FWIW, My cat urinated on my ARC 5SE. I hope the contributors on your thread treat you better than the ones on my thread :-) It was brutal.


Leave the speaker driver alone.  You will do more harm than good trying to remove the urine. Dog urine is has a significant mineral load.  This will change the Fs of that driver.

If you want to preserve your stereo image, have him urinate on the contralateral driver--all will be good.


(Sorry man--couldn't resist.  Seriously, you will probably never hear the urine burden but if it drives you nuts you can recone or replace the driver.)