Doge8 tube seating chart

Hi, wondering if anyone can tell me the position of the input tubes in the linestage section of the Doge 8.
There are 8 tubes in the Doge. 4 12AT7s are the linestage and 4 12AX7s are the phono section. You can refer to for more detailed information.
Dpatterson, I have contacted pacific valve , they wrote back and said the 12ax7's are the linestage, nevermind letting me know what the seating position the input to the line are. So I am still looking for an answer or I guess I can put all four linestage tubes as low noise. Just cost a lot extra if you are using nos tubes.
The linestage is 12at7, call pac valve and talk to Joe or the tech. Apparently there is no schematic available and they are tight lipped about the circuit. I found that the pair to the right looking from the front to be the most sensitive to noise in both phono (12ax7) and line (12at7) but that is very subjective. I ended up using a quad of siemens ecc801s in the line stage which takes the amp to an even higher level of performance.