Dogs who love music

Does anyone else's dog have particular tastes in music? My great dane LOVES beethoven, likes tchaikovsky, does not like saint saen or most rock, and seems indifferent to mozart. He'll actually come in from another room and plop down right in front of the left speaker if it's something he likes (even if it's played REALLY loud!).
Our 4 year old Dutch Drawf bunny Jezebel loves music. She tends to like Led Zep and Aerosmith, and some of the newer alternative stuff. She's not big on jazz or classical. She also likes Lyle Lovett's "Joshua Judges Ruth". And of course she likes it when I sing to her.
My wife used to have a cat who would literally bounce off the walls to Rage Against the Machine's Bulls on Parade. Not my sort of music, but who am I to judge the tastes of a cat?

Musicdoc, boy isn't that the truth. I got one that literally doesn't breathe for the all of 16 seconds it takes her to eat her food. I don't get too close for fear of losing a digit while it's going down, but she doesn't like music I don't think. The other of my hounds does whatever I do and if that means Motorhead on 11 then that's what it means.

The best is both of them trying to find the dog in the speakers when they hear one barking in a movie. They go nuts. They also like the sounds of wild-creatures in the nature shows I put on from time to time, like the crocodile chaser show, or the one where they show man-eating lions of Tsavo eating all the Indians. We all love it.
My dog literally howls/screams, whether in pain or ecstasy or empathy or trying to make her own music, I can't tell, whenever any recording w/harmonica comes on at home or in the car. Bob Dylan songs really KILL her, I am hoping she loves the sound because she tries so hard to emulate it. But someone suggested that maybe it hurt her ears. She hasn't said, either way. She is a black Lab named Scallywag.