Dogs who love music

Does anyone else's dog have particular tastes in music? My great dane LOVES beethoven, likes tchaikovsky, does not like saint saen or most rock, and seems indifferent to mozart. He'll actually come in from another room and plop down right in front of the left speaker if it's something he likes (even if it's played REALLY loud!).
Both American Water Spaniels. Couldn't ask for better dogs. Mine beg for snacks, eat and sleep, in that order, anything else seems to bother them as it gets in the way of these three things.
One Saturday morning I'm sitting back in the listening chair with my eyes closed enjoying some Mozart, don't remember which piece. My wife walks in the room and starts laughing. What's so funny I ask. She points down at the floor and there are both Joey and Freddie our cocketiels facing the speakers and apparently actually listening to the music. They wouldn't tell me if they liked it or not but a pair of birds to be that attentive and quiet for me to not even realize they were around I can only guess they did :*)
My sadly departed pet parakeet Rudy, showed a distinct preference for Mozart; the only music that he would sing along to.

He also posessed an extensive vocabulary. Phrases such as: "Beam me up Scotty", "Hey Moe, look!" and "Let me out, damm it!"
Gator, a 185 lb. Old English Mastiff LIKED the Judas Priest song "Hell Bent for Leather". Fortunately, my tastes in music have slightly matured since then. He would howl everytime it played. If it were in pain, I doubt he would come in the house from the back yard to join in. This was back in 1985 or so.... The dog is long gone, as in the system I had at the time. But whenever I hear the song, I can hear him harmonizing. Ha!