DOL vinyl pressings

What is all the confusion about this particular label? It seems to be one of the most controversial labels. Interested to hear your experiences.



There are several European record labels, including DOL that issue what are called public domain releases. Those public domain records are of recordings that the European copyright has expired on. I think that the European copyright is for 50 years. Those pressings are well made, flat and quiet. The problem is that those record companies do not have access to the original analog tapes. Therefore they have to use digital recordings taken from cd's or digital downloads.

Looking up " copyrights to music " finds that it is owned by the writer for life and then 70 years after his death , this is true in the US and in Europe .

Music in public domain is supposed to be following the same rules , 70 years after death .  

It would be good to know who's cutting and pressing these DOL releases. That guy is gaga for DOL.

But compared to CD's, the DOL pressings still sound clearly superior when comparing them so something else has to be going on here that most are not privy to regarding the digital sourcing they are getting.

I can’t afford too many OG jazz pressings, so early on I picked up a few DOLs of classic ’50s releases. Yes, they played well but when I compared them to ’60s, ’70s, even ’80s reissues, the DOLs seemed lifeless and flat. I sold them all back to the local used shop and haven’t looked back.