Domain Trades for High end Audio Gear

So a random idea of mine came up, but would need to be for the RIGHT tech minded buyer, what can I trade ’adult" domain names for fair value upgrade wise


In the Age of bitcoin and NFT, I have to ask. Whats Viable and fair for both sides.... Could I Track down that Pair of XA References I want and Xfer a domain name as a trade ?? 4 domains to get something super high end ?? Snell XA reference, XA Or beyond that



Oh i know its strange ground selling xxx and .sex domain names, they are pointed at a domain broker, in short i am playing the upgrade lottery!

Seeing as domains are relatively cheap to obtain, and high end audio is not, it seems like you're investing in a strange area.

I'd guess that Snell XA references would still cost $12-15,000 on the used market, that's 240 -300 domains at a generous $50 each. Who wants to maintain that many web sites? 😁