Don Ellis at Fillmore

Just wanted to tell my fellow A'goners about a "new" CD I came across last month. In short, the music is fantastic. If you are into quiet, dark, slow tempo grooves, look elsewhere. This CD feature tracks that'll knock you on your ass and put a smile on your face. Over-the-top soloing, tight brass section, get-up-on-your-feet-hand-clapping kinetic energy - this is it! The first time I listened to this cd was in my car. I was so mesmerized, I missed the freeway turnoff to my house by 2 exits. The crowd was very much into the performance. Makes me wish I was there when this was recorded in '71. Thanks to Wounded Bird Records for re-releasing this classic on CD.
Eye: If you liked "Filmore", then "Live at Monterey" will kill you. I was among the stunned crowd that witnessed this performance in the fall of 1966. Still stands out as one of the great sets in forty years of festival attendance. Best....C
I saw Don several times at The Pilgrimage in the late sixties at free concerts. I roadied for him about six months before his death. I remember the first time we were to meet him and the band at a college we drove all morning and when I saw a sign that said San Diego 30 miles ahead I knew we were lost.
By the way the license plate on the Truck was ELLISD which mean't you had to factor in getting pulled over at least once before your destination. This would have been around 1976. Typical musician,stayed in his garage writing toward the end of his life,he knew is time was short.