Don Sachs Owners Thread

A place to discuss amps, preamps, and phono stages from Don Sachs. 


I just purchased a like new D2 linestage. It has 2 gain controls, 64 step volume control, and digital volume readout. It is set up for the new rectifier. This is my first 6sn7 based linestage. It came with Ken-Rad Vt 231and gray RCA tubes. There are 3 rectifier tubes. A huge Philco 6BY5G, a Tung-Sol 6BY5G, and a Bendix 5852. There is also an Ice Age Audio power cord. With 2 different sounding outputs there are a lot of options. I need to find out what value the output caps are. I have the D2 connected at the moment to a VTL ST150. Input impedance is 125K and 2v in for maximum gain. 

I placed the RCA tubes in left front and rear and Ken-Rad in the right. Used Philco rectifier. Plugged VTL amp into output 1. The brightest sounding preamp I've ever heard. It was comical, bass drums sounded more like cymbals. Output 2 sounds like normal music. This surprises me. With 125K input, I thought there would be no problem getting bass response. 

Some questions.

1. Are the 6Sn7's in the right locations? I guessed by looking at the sellers photograph.

2. Is the Ice Age Audio the AC cord the brand Don offers as an option? 

3. I'll audition all 3 but which rectifier would be considered tops?

The linestage sounds amazing. 




Match the rears R/L then the front R/L. Also, I power down & wait 30 seconds & pull the plug before I pull a tube. Running Ken Rads in the rear & Syl. in the front.

Just took delivery a couple weeks back of Don's Custom Phonostage after a 6 month queue. I'm glad I waited! Once the caps have settled in I will A/B'ing against my Fosgate Signature....   

This is a great idea. I don't own one, but Don's preamps are so highly regarded. It'll be great to have a place for owners to share questions, comments and experiences.


Looking forward to your opinion. I used to have a Don Sachs Line Stage, it's gone now. However, I do have a Fosgate Signature phono stage but just picked up an SPL Phonos which I anticipate will be replacing it.