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Just got my new Audioquest K 2 speaker cables from DH GATE yep I said it. I bought my previous Audioquest cables from my former employer [Audio Buys] Summer job pre wiring houses. Still great friends. Anyway paid their cost for a brand spanking new pair of "Bed Rock" cables I was so proud. So what I know are quote un quote real Audioquest cables just got blown away by a $380.00 total cost [shipped door to door in 6 days] pair of Audioquest k2's from DH Gate.
Ty Cobb was supposedly not a very nice guy I seem to recall.

"Cobb's legacy as an athlete has sometimes been overshadowed by his surly temperament and aggressive playing style,[17] which was described by the Detroit Free Press as "daring to the point of dementia."[18].

Cobb himself wrote shortly before his death, "In legend I am a sadistic, slashing, swashbuckling despot who waged war in the guise of sport."[19"

Sure could hit though.
>All I've done is type some words"


BUTT, it's how you type them and where you place them.

HEAD's up.
"No one should ever have to pay $3,000.00 for a pair of cables. Agreed? "

Think this through "Ty Cobb".

Nobody HAS to pay for cables, nor does anyone HAVE to buy a stereo system for that matter.

If someone CHOOSES to spend $3,000 for ANYTHING, why should it bother you? Do you suffer from cable envy? Are you falling victim to the beguiling tug of class warfare?

If someone wants to spend large sums of money they EARNED on something, I'm cool with it. Envy is a very malignant state and best avoided.

As my grandmother said " good for you is not the same as bad for me".

Welcome to Audiogon by the way :)
The customer reviews of DHgate that have been posted at may be of interest.

The bottom line as of today: 25 customer reviews posted; 20 of them gave DHgate the lowest possible rating.

-- Al
You from North Jersey? Michigan usually goes a little softer.

Who knows but you are probably a good guy.

I like the thread but the theater is kind of weak.