Don't see much on Silverline Sonata so..

..thought I'd put this inquiry out there. What research
I've done is very favorable. I will be going to the
Silverline HQ to see for myself next week. Am deciding
between the Sonata and the B&W N803. Tough choice for this
newbie... Any advice/opinions/experience appreciated.
Just listen to them and decide. If you already have your amplification and source (CD) set, see if you can take them along for the audition. If you can setup a home demo, then all the better.
ME2> Your talking about listening to the new Sonata II's? I've got the original Sonatinas, similar sound to the Sonata's. I love to visit Alan at his shop - have fun.
I have both the natas & the tinas, you will find them very clean, relaxed and neutral. they have a seamless tone from top to bottom. They work well with both solid state and tube amps. I found 75+ watts bring out the best tonal qualities. Using creek & jolidas just didn't to it for me. They sounded good but the more power opened them up for my taste. They play loud with out straining. I run one pair (tinas) with the Plinius 8200, the other with the Bat 500. I swith sometimes to my Vtl 300's. The tinas don't sound as big as the natas naturally but you still forget you are listening to speakers. You just enjoy the sound. If you are lokking for heavy over rich bass it isn't here. You will hear what real acoustic instruments sound like with out being amplified. I love the speakers, great bargains.
I agree with Jazzhelp. I just bought a pair of Sonatas last week and am very pleased. All the reviews are correct including the chills up your spine as mentilned by one reviewer. Accoustic music is where they excel makeing it seem as if the musicians are playing live in your room. However since I listen to a lot of rock and R&B, I was concerned about their bass response. As Jazz has said, they are not overly rich with bass, but I find the bass to be deep, tight and clean. In short if you feed it to them, they will reproduce it accurately. These speakers are smooth from top to bottom. I run these with Conrad Johnson SS amp (200 wpc) and preamp. They are bi-wired. They are great speakers. I think you will be impressed.