Donald Fagen's Nightfly - Love it or Hate it?

I am intrigued by this album. The first time i I heard it I was immediately hooked - I love it's laidback sound with puchy lines and funky beat...

What do you like (or hate) about it?

Fav tracks: New Frontier, Maxine & Nightfly - Your's?

Dewald Visser
Agree with Tvad. Not a bad song on the album. If pressed, Ruby Baby and New Frontier would be my two favorites. Has enough complexity to keep things from getting boring, very well recorded and it is just plain fun. It would be in my top twenty list if I had one. The MFSL is my go to version followed by the German pressing.
Nice album. I just picked up a mint copy at the thrift a few weeks ago for a buck. Not my normal listening fare, but definitely worth bringing out every once in a while. Hell, it's worth it alone for that cool looking turntable cover.