(dons Helmet, kevlar vest and cup.) Biwiring Cornwall IVs any benefit?

As the title states, is there a benefit to this? I have a Luxman L-507z integrated amp.

Thanks in advance ( no hits to the face please)


He’s wrong at 13:50 and the high frequencies goes though the upper wire and the low frequencies go through the lower wire.

When he says the "signal" he is referring to the "potential" to take the signal from there, but as he shows, only the current for each driver travels through it’s respective wire. If only the current for that driver is traveling through the wire, then only that portion of the signal is traveling through the wire that point in time.


But at 17:16, he shows that the full signal is still in each wire. WRONG. He is only showing that the potential to take the signal from that place is full range. HE NEVER PUTS THE SCOPE IN SERIES WITH EACH WIRE TO SHOW WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING THROUGH IT! Sure the potential is there at the terminals, but unless you use that potential, it is not manifested.

Another flaw is that he brings the wires back together before they reach the amp giving them a "bridge" before they can "dump" into the amp’s ground. For best results, he should be using the amp’s terminals.

Then when he actually examines what is going down each wire, like he did for the current used, rather that what is just "available" from the pair, I’ll reconsider.


Not a good idea with only one sub. At 100 Hz you will definitely be able to localize the sub and with the slopes most of these subs use they will creep into the midrange.  You need stereo subs to do this along with a two way crossover. The low pass filter that comes with most subs is a half baked method of trying to integrate a subwoofer. One of the benefits of subwoofers is being able to remove those frequencies from your main speakers which has serious benefits, but you need a real crossover to take advantage of this. 

Ok, my question from that video is, I have A nd B outputs available on the Luxman amp. If you were to bi-wire, why wouldnt you run the A side to the HF posts and the B side to the LF posts and select A&B on the speaker select switch?

Run with two separate subs and you’ll never look back. I have the III’s with two subs still happy 5 years later. No bi-wire and No plans for upgrades. Sound stage is amazing at all volume levels. 

Ok, can you tell me where you cross the subs over? 50hz 60? Where and did you connect them via pre-out?  I was considering another KC62 and connecting them .

Im a newb tho and not sure how they all fit.