(dons Helmet, kevlar vest and cup.) Biwiring Cornwall IVs any benefit?

As the title states, is there a benefit to this? I have a Luxman L-507z integrated amp.

Thanks in advance ( no hits to the face please)


Run with two separate subs and you’ll never look back. I have the III’s with two subs still happy 5 years later. No bi-wire and No plans for upgrades. Sound stage is amazing at all volume levels. 

Ok, can you tell me where you cross the subs over? 50hz 60? Where and did you connect them via pre-out?  I was considering another KC62 and connecting them .

Im a newb tho and not sure how they all fit.

I have two SVS self powered subs that I connect via RCA to the preouts on my preamplifier. I wouldn’t get caught up in pinpointing a specific frequency but you could use 50-60 as a starting point. The main point for me was making sure the subs blended with my speakers. You don’t want to hear the subs, you will find a sweet spot. Play some music at different volume levels and mess with the level and frequency knobs until you’re happy with the sound. If I recall you can adjust phase also. I’m not familiar with your subs but just play around with them. I don’t think there’s a set rule you have to abide by as far as frequency goes. Just set it where you think it sounds good for you. I do have both subs set the same once I get it to my liking. This is what works for me in my room with my setup. Good luck! 

....remember to take a good long stare at the existing Xover circuit if you don’t know what design it is....the simpler it is or isn’t, the more complicated your life can get...;)  or not....

But this does give you an excuse to ’play about’.....perhaps, a lot more than you’d expect (points, slopes, overlaps....all that...)

Have fun, and Happy New Year.....