(dons Helmet, kevlar vest and cup.) Biwiring Cornwall IVs any benefit?

As the title states, is there a benefit to this? I have a Luxman L-507z integrated amp.

Thanks in advance ( no hits to the face please)


....remember to take a good long stare at the existing Xover circuit if you don’t know what design it is....the simpler it is or isn’t, the more complicated your life can get...;)  or not....

But this does give you an excuse to ’play about’.....perhaps, a lot more than you’d expect (points, slopes, overlaps....all that...)

Have fun, and Happy New Year.....

Bi-wire is a maybe at best, but getting jumpers and getting that piece of cheap steal out of the circuit can make a huge difference! I have tried bi-wiring my KEF’s a couple of times and the best I can say is maybe I heard a difference. I bought a decent pair of jumpers and they made an immediate difference in the brightness and Dynamic presentation.