(dons Helmet, kevlar vest and cup.) Biwiring Cornwall IVs any benefit?

As the title states, is there a benefit to this? I have a Luxman L-507z integrated amp.

Thanks in advance ( no hits to the face please)


....remember to take a good long stare at the existing Xover circuit if you don’t know what design it is....the simpler it is or isn’t, the more complicated your life can get...;)  or not....

But this does give you an excuse to ’play about’.....perhaps, a lot more than you’d expect (points, slopes, overlaps....all that...)

Have fun, and Happy New Year.....

Bi-wire is a maybe at best, but getting jumpers and getting that piece of cheap steal out of the circuit can make a huge difference! I have tried bi-wiring my KEF’s a couple of times and the best I can say is maybe I heard a difference. I bought a decent pair of jumpers and they made an immediate difference in the brightness and Dynamic presentation.


   My experience applies only to my set up, so grain of salt, etc.. My Paradigms absolutely benefited from bi-wiring. Maybe it's the connector the speakers come with between the binding posts, but bi-wiring makes a positive and very audible improvement on my speakers. Decent quality jumpers also improved my sound, but not as much as bi-wiring.

 Anyone who says "never" is speaking outside their experience and/or would likely be content with coat hangers for speaker wire. They're usually the ones who think if two wires deliver the requisite voltage, they must be identical.