Doug MacLeod – "There’s a Time"

This is a must have HDCD from Reference Recordings. Both the Absolute Sound and Stereophile reviewed this and while I seldom like their picks, this one is a rare exception. Cut 2 “Black Nights” will give you goose bumps.
I got it when it first came out, but I like pretty much everything he does. Saw him live a few months ago and it was fantastic. If you like this one, you should try and get his XRCD release with Charlie Musslewhite.
Thanks for the recommendations. I was planning on getting this when RR puts it out in a high-res version. Any opinions on that?
I had never listened to him before but was looking for something new and read the reviews mentioned above. I agree, this is an excellent album. The RR recording is stunning, even at 320 on Mog. I'll be ordering this CD.