Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic

I think this topic deserves its own thread , where use double ic through y adapters , from source to preamp, Can’t connect it from Preamp to Amp...For me the result is huge, I can’t go back to single ic....
Thanks for the clarification. I don't see any XLR splitters, only bare connectors, on the Audioquest website. And as far as I can tell, they don't sell directly, only through dealers, at least in the U.S.
I think I had a memory failure; I seem to recall that I requested the XLR splitters be built by Audioquest rather than select them from the website. Sorry for the misdirection. They are Audioquest and I worked with them to select the particular product (wire) used in making the Y cable pairs. 

They are very high quality and I am most pleased with them. I am not sure whether Audioquest would make "reverse" splitters, i.e. 2 to 1. 

They do have both 1 to 2 and the 2 to1 cables for RCA. I purchased some of these and plan to utilize them in due time for further testing. 
After reading this thread (and the one regarding Teo Audio), I purchased the Audioquest RCA splitters and an extra set of Duelund .5 meter interconnects.  With about 75 hours on everything, I'd say vocals are even more immediate and haze free.  To use a visual analogy, its like taking the screen off a window and you realize there was more clarity waiting to be discovered, but you never knew it was available.  It doesn't change tone or turn something bad to good, it just opens it up a bit.  Thanks for the advice Douglas.
mmcentyre, thanks for the feedback! I had not heard of the Schroeder Being tried with Duelund ICs adds to the body of knowledge of successful implementation. I have not heard yet of any instance where the result was not deemed a success by the person trying it. Granted, it is early on, but early results are showing great potential for it being a nearly universal aid to improving sound substantially. 

It's the "never knew it was available," aspect that is so intriguing. We tend to think we have achieved ultimate performance after a few adjustments, and the truth is we are still quite far from it. It can be difficult to accept that what we have lovingly built can lack in performance. After doing so many improvements to systems I have concluded the range of improvements for audio systems is practically endless. 
Doug I tried Blue Jeans  LC 1 on my TT music Hall 5 series $500 new 10 yrs plus old, to my Art audio preamp, my friend was so impress , the result is so good, more dynamics, Live Like too...