Down side of speaker swop from AZ to Tonian Labs ?


I have had my Acoustic Zen Crescendos for 5 years and love them but with the type of music I typically listen to, Cello, Acoustic Guitar and Violins, wondering if this make sense for a tube based system. Tonian Labs are more efficient and from what I have heard/read are they are much more transparent but hopefully that doesn't mean forward or bright.

Let me know what you think and my components are updated under my virtual system.


How much you want to spend? I think Horning Aristoteles would be excellent for what you listen to.

I have the Horning Eufrodite Ellipse which are the next speaker up and love them. They ended my speaker search after over 40 years of being in this hobby.
When I had AZ Crescendos, I preferred McIntosh MC601 SS monos over McIntosh MC275 tube monos but it was close. I loved the Crescendos but I did get the fever to switch things around. I have never heard the Tonian Lab speakers so I can't compare.
As I’ve mentioned to you in past correspondence at one time I was very interested in the Tonian Lab Classic 12.1 model. It used the legendary wide band 12 inch paper Phy-HP driver developed by the late Bernard Salabert. It was considered to be a superbly natural sounding driver by all accounts. It was a 2 way speaker with a ribbon tweeter, 97 db and 16 ohm impedance load.. After Salabert’s death I believe that Tonian Lab went with a different brand of driver. I’m certain whatever driver they decide to use they’ll still sound excellent given the designer’s talent.