Downsizing and child proofing

It seemed inevitable, and it has come to pass. My Linkwitz Orion's have been deemed "unsafe" and are to be banished to storage for the next two rambunctious toddle years (quite honestly there i nothing i would not happily give up).
But this does leave the question of what in the interim to replace the Orion's with.
The speakers need to be wall mount monitors and will be driven by my current gear (Bel Canto Pre and ATI 6012 amp).
Any recommendations for diminutive, clean (modern looking) wall mount monitors that produce crisp quick sound?
I use the Gallo Stradas (as previously mentioned) and the Sunfire XT series when faced with going from floor to wall.

Be aware the sonic will be considerably different than Linkwitz.
I went with Gallo Diva Ts and matching MPS-150 sub in my living room to satisfy my wife's aesthetics. Not the last word in sonics but they do just fine for movies or casual listening. Anyway, that's what the dedicated room is for.
Good luck with the little one.
I really appreciate all the thoughtful responses. And although i agree that child proofing can go to far (I grew up in Africa where the childrens park was a rusted spitfire chassis and i lived to tell the tale), my reasoning at this point is that having one less thing to say no too is hopefully going to be better.
I was thinking about Gallo Diva's and although the Stradas look great they are a bit out of my price range. And the Schoenbergs are gorgeous...
Anyone have opinions are small Dynaudios?
If you really want something good and inexpensive, look at the ERA D4's. You could pick a pair used for around $300-400. If you get them in black they should fit in with your decor. Also, the come with a basic wall bracket. In my office, the Strada's replaced the D4's. The D4's have lots of detail but are not bright. In addition, they have a nice top to bottom balance when wall mounted.

As far as the Gallo Diva's go, your only going to get so much out of a 3" full range driver.