Dr. Feickert Turntable

I am considering purchasing the Dr. Feickert Volare turntable. 
 Any owners out there who wish to comment, or non-owners for that matter?


I purchased a used Luxman a month or so ago. The seller brought it over and we got to talking turntables. He recently purchased the Volare and I asked what he thought. Giant “meh”. I was stunned. He preferred his old Rega. That’s with his new upgrade, a class A Luxman. He said the Volare was too soft/smooth. He was big into garage rock.

I’ve had my Volare since April or so. Bought it with the OL arm, but tried it with 2 others as well and settled on an Audiomods arm, strictly due to ergonomics. The OL Silver actually sounded a touch better, but I prefer the handling of the Audiomods. 

As far as the table goes, it’s likely my last. I’ve been through a bunch of them the last couple years and this one just does it for me. Recently put a Hana ML on, and I’ve hit end game status. 

Double bonus that it is beautiful to look at (in my opinion).

I will also echo what was stated above, phono stage should match the quality of the table/cart.

From what I've read, the Feickert tables are on the warm side of neutral. That might not be everyone's cup of tea 

I like the Volare—heard it at Andy Singer’s shop. The OL arms are great. I decided to go up one level to the Pure Fidelity Harmony with the OL Conqueror. Couldn’t be happier. PF is set to launch an upgraded speed controller, the Conductor, which improves on the one area for growth with their tables. Absolutely check out their line.