Dr. Feickert Turntable

I am considering purchasing the Dr. Feickert Volare turntable. 
 Any owners out there who wish to comment, or non-owners for that matter?


I too purchased Dr Feickert Volare. I purchase it with the OL Silver arm with the idea of upgrading it to the Kuzma 4Point 9 down the road.  I love it just as it is (but will still upgrade). The table itself is solid as a tank and with the Soundsmith Zephyr Star MC it has great detail. Instead of the symbol "sound" I can now hear the head of the stick strike the symbol with the ring after. It's tight.  Bass is beefed up, but more forward than I am used to. Looking at treatment to calm it down. I am currently running it through my McIntosh MA 8900 but should be getting a new phono stage from Decware in the next few months.  Yes, it does take a year.  Can't wait to hear the difference in quality and the difference from SS to tubes.

I was originally saving up for the Blackbird because I wanted 2 arms. After much discussion I pulled the trigger on the Volare, due to the idea of diminishing returns on quality vs soaking up my budget. Who knows...someday.

Highly recommended.

Great table, I’ve owned two Volares, one with a Jelco the other with the OL Silver.

I also owned a Woodpecker but didn’t like the handling on the Kuzma 12VTA that came with it.

Feickert has a house sound for sure. I ran my Volare alongside a Origin Live Resolution and the Volare had a more solid and impactful sound where the OL deck had more detail and air. There’s a review kicking around if anyone is interested in the comparison.…

.….pick your poison.


I heard the Woodpecker with the Kuzma Unipivot 12" VTA arm. Cartridge was standard Koetsu Rosewood. I can see the comment above that they veer to the warm side, but with the Koetsu and an all tube system, it would be hard to make a blanket statement. Those Pure Fidelity tables look gorgeous in photos. I'd love to see and hear one in person. 

I’ve ordered the Feickert Volare turntable from Music Direct
Here are the details:

Feickert - Volare (Origin Live Silver Mk4A Tonearm, Walnut)   1            
Origin Live - Silver MK4A 9.5" Tonearm with Mounted VTA Lifter   1   In-Stock        
Feickert - Volare Turntable, No Tonearm (Walnut w/Aluminum Platter)

Excellent.  Let us know how things turn out. What tools(s) are you using for setup? I'd recommend the AS SmaTractor - it's the best in my experience,