Dr. Feickert Turntable

I am considering purchasing the Dr. Feickert Volare turntable. 
 Any owners out there who wish to comment, or non-owners for that matter?


Antiskate is an option? Or what? Seems your setup team should have noticed a priori. Some eschew antiskate and say they’re getting great results, but it’s undeniable that there IS a skating force generated by any conventional pivoted tonearm, and long term you’ll have aberrant stylus wear without some AS externally applied. Also you will often hear R channel distortion. I say “often” because AS deniers seem not to hear it. The trick is not to use excessive AS once you have installed a/the AS device but do install it.

From a review on Upscale site.

"The only gripe I had was setting up the anti-skate portion, as it was shipped with a Origin Live Silver Mk 3a manual that really was not specific on the set up of this anti-skate section. TIP: there is a 'grub screw' directly on the UNDERSIDE (not made clear in the manual -- otherwise I wouldn't have taken over 8+ hours within the first 2 days trying to figure out WHY it was going loose within moments of *supposedly* tightening the *top side* screw so much I thought I would break the piece it was mounted to..."

Please correct me if I don't have this right...but there was a modification/change with this package where you no longer had to go under the table to loosen a screw to adjust VTA. I learned this info from an Upscale Audio You Tube video on the Volare. At the time of this change (maybe a year ago), the retail increased $200. I'm considering a Volare, and if I find a used/demo, I want to make sure I get the new version where you can access the VTA screw on top near the arm. Not trying to confuse the matter here about Anti-Skate, but thought I would chime in. This will be a second table for me along side my Kuzma Stabi Ref. Certainly the OP got the updated version, but still figured it was worth mentioning.