Dr. John

While listening to my "Dr. John" albums I began to ruminate over his accomplishments as a musician and as a person. I found his music extremely entertaining;



Dr. John, philosopher and musician extraordinaire; his musical philosophy and culture was NOLA, New Orleans Louisiana.

Dr. John's music spread all the varied aspects of NOLA far and wide. He combined elements of NOLA's unique Black culture which is mixed with "Hoodoo" and "Gri Gri" in a most entertaining manner.

Dr. John was "Raceless"; although he was of Irish, German and English ancestry, he was booted out of white society at the tender age of 16 when he was expelled from the Jesuit High School because of his close association with Black musicians, but those very same musicians welcomed him with open arms. That's why his reality was more Black than White.

A testament to the love all races had for Dr. John was his 2nd line funereal.   Dr. John passed at the break of day.