Dream State Audio power cables?

Has anybody heard the new Dream State Audio power cables? If so, can you share with us your thoughts, both pro and con (and please include the model that you're describing)? Also, they have just come out with a lower priced pc alled the Nightmare, anyone heard this one yet? Thanks!
I bought an amp cord (Lucid Dream) when they were introduced. I also tested the pre-amp cord. Just a short time ago I tested the power conditioner cord too (Dream Catcher?)

On my Plinius SA-102 amp the Lucid is perfect. Excellent deep tight bass. Fully controlled through the entire frequency spectrum. The highs are smooth, clear and quite open, but no brightness at all. Prior to the Lucid the best cord for my amp was a Stealth Dream which a friend brought over to hear.

A couple weeks ago he brought the Stealth Dream over again, and compared to the Dream State the Stealth sounded bloated and grainy with too much high end energy. I was very surprised to find the Dream State was so much better.

In the pre-amp and the CD player I tried all of the Dream State cords (except the new lower cost) and they didn't preform better than the Stealth. I was able to work directly with the manufacturer and we tried a few different test cords, but for what ever the reason they were just a bit bright compared to the Stealth on the pre-amp.

The CD player seemed to be about the same as the Stealth.

As I said, a friend brought over a power conditioner with the Dream State power conditioner cord. It had much the same characteristics as the amp cord, but even more powerful with excellent bass.

I believe the Dream State and the Stealth power cords are the two leaders right now. These two companies are at least a leap ahead of the others, and many steps ahead of five year old designs. These two companies have pushed the power cords to completely amazing levels.

I highly, highly recommend these cords, but I would test them first. Stewart at Weekend Environments (Sanctuary of Sound) is a great guy to work with, and has deep experience in power cords. He helped both Shunyata Research and Electraglide to market, and has brought the experience he had with these two one time leaders to help develop Dream State.
I have BAT VK200 monoblocks ( NOT a typo!) and was running them with Shunyata Python Alpha Helix powercords and was quite happy with the performance until I had a chance to listen to the Deep Dreams power cords from Dream State. The change was certainly NOT subtle - the system had more body, clarity and ease of presentation all at the same time. Sounded more powerful as well as more relaxed, which I would not have thought possible. In my experience - these power cords are a HUGE upgrade over anything else that I have tried in the system, including EG's, Virtual Dynamics, Synergistic Research, and others.
I'll echo the above posters. I've tried a ton of different cords and was quite happy with an EG and Vahalla set up I had till I bought one of these cords. It's like Vahalla but with body and soul. Killer cords IMHO. Good luck
Thanks everyone. Has anyone compared these DSA power cables to the Elrods, either the Signature or the Statement (I've always been impressed when hearing a system with the Elrods)? Please include the specific DSA model that you are talking about.
In advance, thanks!!!
Have you tried the latest form synergistic, the absolute references, active cords?