Driver recommendation for hi-fi DIY sub?


I'm looking for driver recommendations to build 2 subs for stereo. From reading around I've narrowed it down to TC Sounds LMS-R 15" or 12" and Rythmik DS1200 and their plate amp (similar to their F12 sub), but would like to double check with you if I'm on the right track.

For context, I have B&W 804S driven by McIntosh MC275, plus a Rel Storm III sub. The Rel is nice, but can't say it's taut, articulate bass. So I'm thinking of selling it. Part of the issue is around room mode exacerbation which is mostly a placement thing, to certain extent. A DSPeaker Anti-Node 8033 is part of the system I'm thinking.
Also, reading a book by Floyd Toole, he argues for 2 subs playing the same summed-up L+R signal and placed at 25% of width on each side of the front wall to keep the first three width room modes in check, so I'm also planning two subs.

Planning to DIY, and planning sealed enclosures.

The big question is the right driver, though.

BTW, room is 3700 cu ft, and 16 ft wide x 30 ft long.

Sorry for the long preamble.

Recommendations? Thanks!
The JL Audio W7 12 or 13 is an awesome driver. see link
I am on the same plate - want to have some fun following the DIY approach, I am done with the furniture (built it myself) for my sanctuary, now time for speaker cabinets. I don't have recommendations, sorry, but I was thinking along these lines - if I pull some $200K speaker and see what drivers (if not proprietary) they use - would that be a good enough indication? Myself I was looking at Lambda Series TD12H ( or SS Iris OB @
Would be very interested to know what you come up with, cheers!

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought about JL driver for "car audio". Looks good. Have you had experience with it?
Have you looked at the GR Research SW-12-04 and the plans of the "sand box"?

Another "off-the-beaten-path" name to drop is CSS.