Driving me crazy

Ok all you 6SN7 fans out there, here is your big chance to persuade me. I have been a 6922 guy for years, mostly owning BAT pre amps. But I have been going crazy wondering what the 6SN7 would sound like. If I went that way, I would most likely go with a guy who can build me ( a high quality ) 6SN7 pre, or I would try a Cary, because their dealers are plentiful.

So anyone out there, who has a ton of experience with both the 6922, and the 6SN7 care to comment. It would be greatly appreciated. I usually run amps with EL34's if that helps.

I am particularly interested in either the SLP-94 or SLP-98. Anyone heard these against a VK5i, or a VK3i?

thanks in advance!!!
I am One of Two US reps for Wyetech Labs. They make several Preamps using the 6SN7 tube. The Opal preamp just won a golden ear award from The Absolute Sound. Do some research on them to see what the reviewers say.
I can tell you that the SLP-94 and the SLP-98 sound significantly better than the VK-3i. The BAT is darker and not nearly as transparent or dynamic as either of the Carys.

oops! I guess the SLP-94 employs the 12AU7, and 6C4. Boy do I feel like a dunce (*_*). But the SLP-94 is still quite an attractive pre.

I will look into the Wretch a little, but I really don't like the ascetics of the Cary.

Oz, if the VK3i is a bit darker than the Cary's, then I'm guessing the VK5i is also a bit darker sounding? I like the VK5i just fine, but as I said before " I am going crazy wanting to try the 6SN7 " And I do like the open look of the Cary.

Why have tube equipment if you can't see the tubes?
You might try Supratek. Mick's preamps use the 6SN7, with 6L6G's or EL34's for voltage regulators. Each pre is built to order.