DROPLET CD player - Best aftermarket power cable?

Hi DROPLET users.
I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a great after market power cable for the DROPLET CD PLAYER.
Which Cable? and what was the result after using it?
Thanx in advance
You haven't heard your CD player if you are using the stock cord. The difference between the stock cord and even a half way decent aftermarket PC is night and day. Better cords are better yet. You will hear dramatic improvements all acress the board: Imaging, dimensionality, transparency, tonality, focus, dynamics, extension, etc..
Also you might want to consider running your Droplet from a PS Audio P300. This all but eliminates the need for an expensive aftermarket cord, and can be purchased used, here at the 'Gon, for about the same price as an expensive aftermaket cord. Just make sure it has the latest "Multi-wave II" upgrade.

I have my Droplet set up with my P300 in the "tub" setting and the results are spectacular. (Also am using an Acoustic Zen Tsunami AC cord though, just in case...:>)
I have a Michael Wolff Silver Carbon Source cord with Arcrolink carbon palladium over gold connectors on mine.

It is very musical, detailed (as much as the Droplet conveys), with great balance accross the frequency spectrum. I offered an excellent portrayal of soundstage and has that PRAT that folks around here like to reference.

Agree with Larry, I enjoy the player very much - it is excellent, albeit not the last word on detail, but always musical, full-bodied and powerful.