dsd zip download problem

i downloaded a dsd album from High Def Transfers and it arrived as a zip file.i use MinimServer through my Mac computer to direct my downloaded music to my Lumin Player.i have downloaded other dsd dff albums from Channel Classics without problem as it, after the download, populates my download section as a 'folder'....not a zip file....and i simply 'restart' the Minim icon and it sees and populates the album so my Kinsky app / iPad can play it...the problem currently is that i can't seem to figure out how to make the MinimServer see the unzipped file and ultimately allow me to play it...any help would be greatly appreciated..
Have you tried to open the zip file on your Mac. It should unzip it to a normal folder.
Is the file you downloaded still a .zip file, without an unzipped version visible on your Mac? In other words, did your Mac not automatically unzip the file?

If that's the case you can manually unzip it using Stuffit Expander. You can download a free version at http://www.stuffit.com/mac-expander.html.
it did 'unzip' but i cannot seem to get it to populate the MinimServer's directory on the Kinsky ipad app under either the 'tagged' or 'untagged' section..