DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 issue

I have an AM 2.0 that has started to exhibit some strange behavior. When I get within a couple of feet of the unit (not touching it) it stops outputting sound. It restores only by unplugging and plugging back in. Any thoughts? Manufacturer is telling me that it is static electricity buildup, but there is no shock or crackle. They are telling me it will go away when summer returns. Ugh! Any one else experience any issues with the AM? It makes any extraordinary difference in my room, but this is very frustrating.
Well, if it really IS you then it's probably static. Try taking your shoes off, first. :)

But wow, I have never heard of any modern piece of electrical kit that could detect your presence 2 feet away!

That's messed up.

But an inexpensive vaporizer, remove your shoes, touch something metal before you get close to the unit, etc ... if truly a static electric issue one of those should help diagnose...