DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0

Does anyone out there use one of these units?
I have read all the reviews. I want to hear from real
world people with a real world systems, not some
reviewer with a $500K system.
What are the strengths, weaknesses?
Thinking about one for my next investment.

I have one and have written about it on this forum as well as other owners have. There are threads on Audio Circle, Whats Best Forum, Audio Karma, AVS forum, and Robert E Greene (REG) Forum.

The Dual Core can do many things very well and knowing your system will help to give you an idea as to what the Dual Core can do for you.

Search this forum as well as the others mentioned and you will get a lot of good "regular" people information.
Had one and returned it; paid the 15% restocking fee. It did not support a natural sound in my system.
I was looking into purchasing a unit, following an audition at the Montreal Audio Show (FISM). I started asking questions on the capacity of the unit to pass thru Hi-Rez digital audio files (HD Tracks). Depending on the digital file format, it will either down-convert it to a lower resolution or not pass the signal at all, which made it a no-go for me.
I use one, analog-in, analog-out, 150 hz and below, it tightens up the low end and stops 2 peaks at 45 and 70 hz. When I play LPs, it is weird to me to think that everything is being DSPed (24-96, I think) but it is only an improvement to me.
Does anyone have any more thoughts on the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 since 2013? From reading about it you can put it between source and preamp in addition to preamp and amp. Seems pretty interesting and flexible.