Dual 1219 / Cartridge

Hello all...

I have a wild notion that wants me to get a better cartridge.  Currently I am running a Grado Platimum 1 on a vintage Dual 1219 turntable ( 1983 Yamaha C-70, Yamaha M-70 separates, Cerwin Vega D-8's). 

For months I have been circling an Audio Technica VM760SLC cartridge.  Yes,  I will admit it...I want candy-coated sound...with alot of color... and I am thinking this particular  cartridge may serve that purpose.  My 62 year old Tinnitus is probably a factor as well.

As I move up the cartridge food chain...is it possible that I am looking at a cart beyond the Dual 1219's set up capabilities?  That is, can a 50 year old turntable allow the cart to perform to its  optimum abilities? Azimuth and all of the other factors that allow a higher-end cart to be set up correctly and perform?  I really like my Dual 1219 for alot of reasons...many being nostalgic...   Does the  medium end-Grado Platimum 1 maximize my 50 year old turntable's capabilities...or can i go a little higher?

And...does an after-market platter mat's thickness play into how a needle finds the record...affecting play and ultimately the sound? Funny...I was told that for the thicker heavier gram "new" vinyl,  the "multi-record" lever-switch should be activated on the turntable. Hmmm.  I am wondering about that piece of advice.

I have mumbled enough here.  Do any of the older turntable folks have any thoughts about my ramblings?

Thank you. 


p.s. I really enjoy reading through the questions from the Audiogon site that roll into my email daily.
I worked back in early 70s for a whole sale electronic dist.we sold Duals ,they were a hot item with Shure ME 97 cart.I dont remember if they can supplied with one.
I have been using a Dual 1229 for decades and I personally find it to be one of the best sounding turntables I’ve ever heard.  It is the same table as your 1219 but with strobe.
I removed the original damaged tone arm and replaced it with a Grace 747.  The table gets played every day.

To answer your questions there are better tone arms then what is supplied with your turntable, with that said the original Dual arm is very good and capable of tracking as well or better then most.

Do not raise the rear of the arm for single play use.  That makes no sense whatsoever.  The tone arm will do fine playing an type of lp
you place on the platter.

I did completely rebuild mine from top to bottom and recommend that you maintain yours keeping it well lubed.  If you have any questions just message me.  I would be happy to help you sort the table out.