Dual 1229Q turntable vs new entry-level

A friend found a Dual 1229Q turntable, which could be mine for $10 and shipping from MI to WA. It lacks the dust cover, makes some scraping noises (needs lubrication?) and is missing one of the RCA connectors. It has a Stanton D680 cartridge. I'm guessing that I would want to send this somewhere for refurbishing. I found some suggestions in an online review: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/analog-sources/turntables/dual/1229q/PRD_124511_1597crx.aspx#review0 (review 10 of 17, on 2nd page, by drcobb). Looks like that could run a couple hundred. That's the route I would take, since I just don't have time for any new projects now.

Should I jump at the opportunity to grab this Dual? I have two boxes of vinyl that would be nice to hear someday, but it's not urgent. I could get a new table by the likes of Rega (P1, P2), Pro-ject (Debut III?), Music Hall (MMF-2.2 LE), or even NAD or Denon -- with no issues, no tweaking required. That wouldn't cost a whole lot more than the refurb and extra shipping for the Dual. The rest of my system is: NAD CD player, AR LS 3b / D130 combo, Vandersteen 1b.
If I was doing the refurb myself, I would go for it. It would a fun project. If I wasn't handy or didn't have time and had to pay for the refurb, I would buy something new. The scraping noise makes me nervous. There could be bearing wear or damage which won't be corrected by lubrication.
I'd look for one in better condition. I restore turntables and seems like this one needs some serious parts- not just a good lubing. But fot $10 get it and bypass the repairs & run it inot the ground listening to your Lps.
I can send you the a pdf of the service manual, and help with any questions that you may have with regard to restoring the Dual. I have a 1229 with a Grace 747 tone arm. This is the finest sounding table I have ever owned. Blows the doors off my LP12. Keep in mind that if the table is properly set up, it will run circles around almost anything... very, very similar performance and sound to a Thorens 124. Incredible build quality, stellar performance and dead quiet. For 10 bucks, I would snag it...