Dual 721 - Harman Kardon T-60 - which TT to keep?

I have a Dual 721 which needs a little work – noisy RCA cable that has some hum and cutout on the left channel, and an ugly dust cover.
I also have a Harman Kardon T-60 in quite nice shape (but cracked dust cover).
I'm leaning toward keeping the HK, repairing the Dual's problems and selling it.
Before doing so, I want to know if I am missing something. Is one of these TTs markedly better than the other in some way?
The Dual is direct drive and some reviewers have raved about how very quiet it is. The HK is belt drive and reviews keep describing it as "the poor man's Linn Sondek".
I would love to hear your opinions.
Thanks in advance.
Well I hope that clears everything up for ya.

Keep the one withthe automatic tonearm return so you don't wear out your cartridge every time you fall asleep in the middle of the record.
Well, so far that is exactly how my thinking has been going. The T-60, no the 721, no the T-60, no...
Honest, they both have auto return.

Is there any consensus regarding belt drive vs direct drive? Apparently the 721 DD is legendary. They both seem very quiet.

Maybe I should get a switch box and use them on alternate days. Or play rock on one and jazz on the other.

Anybody else??
A consensus on belt versus direct drive? Not until hell freezes over. They can both be good... or bad. A good direct drive will usually have somewhat better speed stability than a good belt drive, but otherwise there isn't much reason to prefer one over the other.
I would take a guess that the T-60 might be more "collectible". I believe there are some (former?) users of the T-60 on this forum that can tell you about its sound.