Dual mono integrated amps

I’m curious about dual mono integrated amps and if they can approximate the benefits of monoblocks. I had the good fortune of trying a friend’s electronics which included a dual mono preamp driving a pair of monoblocks and the result was not subtle. There was an expanded soundstage with more solid imaging. Is this an effect that most of you experience when each channel has dedicated circuitry? Are there particular examples of integrated amps utilizing a dual mono design that do a particularly good job in this respect? Ones that don’t?

Thanks for the help


+1 for the i-30. liked it better than the Kinki. I’ve moved on to a much more expensive dual mono integrated from Audia Flight but the Primare has to be one of the best amps for the money on the used market.

Thanks for the i-30 recommendation. It may allow for experimentation without breaking the bank. Those are some beefy transformers...

At the time I owned the Kinki I also had a Simaudio i3.3 as well as the Primare. When comparing them to the Kinki, both amps sounded bigger, more dynamic and much more effortless. I was not super impressed with the build quality either, my volume knob was loose and wobbly. I’m not saying the Kinki was bad by any means, just feel like the value proposition is much higher with the Primare. At the time my speakers were Proac Studio 3 and Meadowlark Herron I’s.