Dual mono integrated amps

I’m curious about dual mono integrated amps and if they can approximate the benefits of monoblocks. I had the good fortune of trying a friend’s electronics which included a dual mono preamp driving a pair of monoblocks and the result was not subtle. There was an expanded soundstage with more solid imaging. Is this an effect that most of you experience when each channel has dedicated circuitry? Are there particular examples of integrated amps utilizing a dual mono design that do a particularly good job in this respect? Ones that don’t?

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At the time I owned the Kinki I also had a Simaudio i3.3 as well as the Primare. When comparing them to the Kinki, both amps sounded bigger, more dynamic and much more effortless. I was not super impressed with the build quality either, my volume knob was loose and wobbly. I’m not saying the Kinki was bad by any means, just feel like the value proposition is much higher with the Primare. At the time my speakers were Proac Studio 3 and Meadowlark Herron I’s.



I have no complaints with my AYRE AX-5 integrated amp.


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It’s hard to complain about all this wonderful equipment we have access to. But we can still be crazed and obsessed!



Absolutely!  I was a die-hard Separates fan and owner, prior to my AX-5 integrated.

I never thought that I would ever own an "Integrated Amp". Truth is, the product line and technology are light years from the last 10-20 years. Your choices, New or Used, are plentiful in 2023.  Have fun and keep me posted on your purchase(s).


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i have both the kinki exm1 and the primare i-30

both are excellent, kinki improves with replacement of key op amps (i did mine with sparkos)... resultant sound has a supreme crystal clarity with tremendous bass drive... an overtly powerful and exacting sound, some speakers do better with this type of amp

primare is more organic, warmer and smoother, excellent detail and drive but moves midrange forward and gives it more of a sense of body, more tube like in character... it is a special amp for sure

both are just terrific, great values, built like absolute tanks