Dual SVS PB-1000 Pro versus Dual Rythmik LV12F- does Servo Technology Matter.

I have a 10 by 12 room. The room is a closed off bedroom and we plan to live in this house for 30 years or so until we can’t live independently. Equipment will be upgraded over time but we will be using the same room forever. Our AVR is a Denon 3700 and our main speakers are Monitor Audio Silver S6 with matching center. Surrounds are Primus P162. Our previous sub was a BIC V1220.

While the subs will almost certainly work hardest for home theater I do want something that also works well for serious music listening. I primarily listen to classic rock but some jazz and classical does get into my mix now and then.

I am still mostly sold on the SVS but I wonder if the servo technology of the Rythmik might give me somewhat better performance for music.

I realize that dual of either one of these will be a huge jump in performance for us but I am wondering the Rythmik might have advantages for music while still being great for HT.

Other people on other forums have also suggested Outlaw and the Hsu VTF-2 Mk5.

Any thoughts on this, please?



I have thought about doing dual SB1000 Pros.  I would order a pair of each and see which ones we like best.  But that seems a bit exploitive of SVS’s return policy so I hesitate.
Ah, the OP asks for sub recommendations and it sparks the age old debate of if you “can” do home theater and 2 channel listening in the same space, shared equipment.  Before I get to that.  
I’ve got an REL sub, 2 SVS subs.  I was surprised at how well the SVS keeps up with the REL in 2 channel.  I can’t comment on Rythmik, but sounds like either will be a winner with Rythmik a better fit for music.  I would say the SVS subs totally outshine the REL in HT performance, that’s to be expected though as the REL is designed for 2 channel listening. 
On one of the age old debates… if you have a nice set of speakers, subs that work well with both music and HT, absolutely you can have a great set up for both.  Is there truth in an AVR receiver not holding up to a stand alone 2 channel amp, yes there is.  To get the best out of 2 channel adding an integrated or pre amp / amp with HT Bypass solves that issue.  The extra amp for 2 channel will in most cases improve HT performance if using an AVR Receiver to power all channels.  
That all said, are there potential trade offs if you have your system in a space that shares the space and the majority of the equipment for both HT and 2 channel, sure.  You might lose out on speaker placement flexibility, component placement, length of cables, speaker wire, room treatment and have a limit on the overall budget (money).  All those are legit points made by 2 channel purists and 2 channel will be more affected by the above. 
Done right you can have a great, I mean great set up for both, in the same space.  And a great HT set up is night and day to any 2 channel set up for movies, despite what some might say.  
It comes down to priorities and how important both are to you.  Will your 2 channel be the harder of the 2 to dial in and could sharing the space make it harder to squeeze the last little bit of goodness out of your space, equipment, that is legit.
Look at reviews of new sis 3000 micro. It’s only $800 and has smartphone software to make proper integration much easier. 
👋, Yes I just woke you up by virtually slapping you. Please, Please do not keep going down this rabbit hole. You have a great start with your Denon 3700. The reason is you can divert the two front channels and use them for height channels. This is a very rare feature. Plus they lower or shut off the preamp to the channels not being utilized. This is a small room. Do you know how much pressure a sub can create in a room that small.  If you are serious about two channel please look into a preamp and amp with home theater bypass. Emotiva has a preamp that does this. $750 used on Agn. Please do not use their amps. Too cold for music. Great for HT.  You can buy so many really good amps that will not break the bank. A better idea is a Hegel H95 integrated amp. You can use those beautiful crazy damping amps to push your front L+R speakers for home theater and 2 channel music.  Killer DAC on board. Being that people upgrade to the H120 and H190 all the time they become available on AGN. It has a built in DAC and streamer but also lets you use your 3700 for HT. If you can afford it, go for a REL T series after you buy the Hegel.  These subs have a connection for your two channel via the Speakon connection from the amp or the RCA line in. Plus, it has a separate dedicated LFE. I am picking REL because of size and the three ways to incorporate it into your system. Your subs are fine for now. If you want a dedicated room shaker plug a cheep bigger sub into the Denon and point it at the wall. In that room you will shake the paint off the wall. Believe me small SVS is not your choice unless it is for shaking the room. You can do that with a $100 used sub. Also, the micro subs need to be placed in specific spots to sound the best. Typically in front between your two front speaker out in the room. You want flexibility in a room that small. Hegel H95 is your best bet. Add One or TWO small REL subs and you are done forever. Oh, that Blueray player you are using for HT. Connect it digitally via Coax or toslink to the Hegel. It will work awesome as a transport. The rest you can stream from your phone to the Hegel until you buy a BlueSound NODE. Not 2i. You want the new one so you can use that kick A$$ USB in the Hegel in the future. If anyone has this same issue try this store in the Chicagoland area . https://holmaudio.com/
They are a dealer for Hegel. The Rel and Denon will be bought elsewhere. They did have a few used RELs the last time I was their picking up my Hegel V10 Phono Preamp. Also, I am demoing a Hegel H190. If I was to start over I would go the Hegel route except my room is much bigger so I have two HL Audio F110 subs with the CR1 crossover. Talk about removing paint. Sorry for the brash start. I don’t want you wasting money especially in a small room.