Duelund DCA16GA

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone have try this cable? I have never try the original WE cable but I want to buy this cable for my speaker. Other candidate is supra cable.

Can someone give some feedback?

I hooked up the Duelund DCA 16 GA last night and listened to a couple LP`s.
Today I put a CD on repeat and have been playing the system at a very low volume.

Should I be concerned about pushing my 300 Watt amp using these cables into my Revel speakers ?
The cable length is 6 Ft on each side, single run.
Technically from what I`ve read I should be ok but I just wanted to ask.

It is fine and will work.  The length is pretty short.  I think the 12 gauge would be better sounding for your rig however. 
Wondering if anyone has tried or has input on this. 

My speakers are biwirable. I am running a single run of DCA16GA to my speakers (mid/woofer posts)....then using the same cables to jump from my mid/woofer posts to the tweeters.Just like Jeff does. 

Thinking of getting a meter of the 20GA and 12GA to use as jumpers. Anyone tried or have any idea on how it would turn out sonically? I am thinking the 20GA may produce a cleaner sounding treble but don't know if it will produce more top end energy than the currently used 16GA. I have no idea about 12GA. 

I think 20 ga is not the best idea when used  as a jumper to the highs.  I would use 16ga and have. No need to make jumpers at all if you use bare wire. Strip the wire with enough bare wire length to first wrap around the woofer binding posts and then run them up to the highs.  Less hassle, less complexity with fewer breaks and connections/terminations. 

Will this sound as good as true biwire cables? No way to know as you have to try to really know as it is speaker dependent.  Run 16ga for the highs and 12 ga for the lows. 
After reading your post again I think you are using the method I outlined. I would connect the 16ga to the highs and try the 12ga as a jumper to the lows. Better idea in my opinion.  20 gauge is not wise as a jumper as you will find the result lacking in weight and body (bloom) compared to the 16 or certainly the 12 ga.