Duelund DCA16GA

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone have try this cable? I have never try the original WE cable but I want to buy this cable for my speaker. Other candidate is supra cable.

Can someone give some feedback?

I’ve been following... just wondering if only a 12 hour break-in is sufficient?

System components could be a difference?
@slaw...Maybe maybe not as to break in, but I don`t see a 200% improvement down the road with them either.

@grannyring ... Thanks for the input. Yes...I had the Duelund 16GA configured the way you mentioned (to mid/woofer then to tweeter).
Got me a meter of the 12GA and made jumpers (bare-wired). Single run of the 16GA from the amp to tweeters. 12GA jumped from tweeter to mid/woofer. 
After 2 sessions (4 hours total)...the 12GA as jumpers yielded punchier bass. Soundstage and instrument images within more layered and less homogeneous. Acoustic guitars more snappy. Image size a little larger. Better image focus and overall a little fuller sound. I do detect more HF energy though...not sure if that's a plus or minus yet. Will know when I put on some female vocals on. 
Btw...I just discovered i have jumpers (bare-wire) of 16GA that I had experimented with prior the getting a full run of them.  Hmmm...;)...what if I shotgunned 12GA + 16GA jumpers. Overkill? What would be the resulting gauge if I did that?
Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it. :)
SCM, Not enough burn in for sure, but more going on here.  Also, the 16 gauge with speaker less than 95db is not a good match...,especially with long runs. Need more info.... Was it an SS amp with speakers less than 95db effecient? If so, not an ideal match. Under 8 ohm speakers? Perhaps 4 ohm? If so, not the best match for 16 gauge single runs.  
@grannyring ... I`m using a 300 Watt per Chanel SS amp.
My speakers are Revel F52`s the published specs show an efficiency rating of 87.5 db
6.5 Ohm nominal 3.5 Min @ 373hz
I was using a 6Ft length of cable run using the Duelund.
The MIT`s are  8 Ft .

My buddy has Zu Audio speakers with a 100 watt Rogue amp we`re going to try them just to see.