Duelund Tinned Copper Speaker Cables

Happy post Thanksgiving to all.

I recently read an intriguing comment on a rather old school product; Duelund Tinned Copper speaker cables.  I have used Luna tinned copper interconnects with good results in terms of tone and timbre.

I wonder if the Duelund speaker cables would also offer good tone and timbre and a sense of realism.  They seem rather simple in design and are devoid of some of the newer cable features ( ie insulation and complex geometries etc) but the reviews would suggest they excel nonetheless.

I wonder if anyone has any direct experience with them?

As always thanks for your insights.


So, how do these cables sound?

Are they truly mid-range centric with a more golden tone ( as suggested by some)?

No cable will totally transform the sound of a system, IMO. I have made quite a few cables with both the WE wire and with the Duelund wire, and a few with the Jupiter wire, and IME they are similar to what people post - sweet but not super-extended highs, full, rich-sounding mids, and rounded yet full bass. They are overall coherent but are not always my favorite type of cable for every application. I still like multiple, small gauge, OCC solid core copper wire slightly better for speaker cables, and I use factory made (bulk) OCC stranded wire cables for ICs. I do like the WE wire for large gauge power cords and I made a couple at 7awg to feed my high powered mono amps. Careful here as the WE wire has a plastic liner inside of the cotton and are suitable for power cables while the Duelund copper in cotton would not be. I also believe the WE or Duelund wire sounds pretty good as speaker cables but I am not as positive about how they sound as ICs. That’s the best I can do to describe what I hear. Good luck.

BTW, typo below, which you caught - mid-centric not mid-concentric 😑

Given all the variables, it’s not really possible to say what a pair of speaker cables will do in your system, in your room. In my opinion, gear and tube swaps would have greater impact as tone controls than speaker wire.

In the case of this tinned wire, it’s a cheap experiment if the rest of your system is nearly “there”. 

I’ve run a set of 10 gauge Duelund in my system, and my experience with them is similar to Mitch2’s. They have a tendency to run on the warmer end of the sound spectrum, but they’re not at all muddy or tubby assuming you pair them with the right connectors. I’ve had better results with rhodium plating rather than gold here.


I recently made a set for someone, and I think their comment sums up the Duelund cables rather nicely:

“People say tinned copper cables aren't the last word in detail, which may be true, but I think these could be a contender as the last word in musicality, for sure.”


All depends on what you’re looking to get out of your system.

I've made speaker cables from Duelund Tinned Copper. The speaker cables sound very good, with good tone and timbre and a sense of realism, I used a larger gauge of Duelund Tinned Copper for the bass run with very good results.  There is always going to be a product that sounds better, it's just a matter of how happy and content you can be.