Dumb question - how do you easily insert a photo/image inline with writing text in a post?

when i try to insert an image, i click the 'image' button in the upper buttons zone above the posting space ... but then it asks me for a ’url’...

let's say i have an image in my google drive, or even on my computer local drive...

in my basic e-mail apps, you can attach an image with an ’attach’ button, which a-gon doesn’t provide, or even easier, just ’copy’ and then ’paste’ an image in between blocks of typed text...

i am not the most computer savvy person... any assistance would be gratefully received... :)


128x128Ag insider logo xs@2xjjss49

If anyone can figure out why, with my Mac, when I post something from YouTube, it shows the proper size when previewed, but when I hit "post", the screen goes blank (white) and I have to refresh it only to have the video shrunk down in size, every single time.

I know to use the "source" on the upper right and to use "share" and "embed" and "copy" on YT's site but aside from that, nothing seems to work right.

Thanks in advance, if anyone knows, and,
All the best,

Just upload your jpgs to https://imgbox.com/
Once they’re uploaded there are some boxes you need to check. Family Safe content, Thumbnail size ( use a large one-and note that there are rectangle options lower-called re-size). You can ignore the other 2 boxes.
Hit the start upload button. Wait a few seconds. You’ll see a new screen. copy/paste the Links Only address. Paste it in the Audiogon window and wait a few seconds. Do them one at a time or it doesn't work well.


Now that these technicalities are being addressed, can somebody explain how you insert a youtube link so that the image appears in the post, rather than just the standard internet link.  When I use the paperclip icon I just get the link, and when I use the picture icon, nothing happens.