Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?

I am starting the build of a dedicated room, and I am deciding on which seats to use. I am very fond of the Jacobsen egg seat, which is a rather tall one person chair made of fiberglass, with cushioned fabric:


My only concern is that the seat is about the same height as the top of your head when seated, so your ears are "blocked" from the rear reflections/echoes/etc. Has anyone experienced with different seats/couchs and noticed any noticeable difference? Should I only worry about what is coming from the front? Or should I be worried about losing the rear reflections?

These are very comfortable to actually recline on them, and would suit my deco a lot!

Thanks for any input
Ikea Poang chair. Very comfortable and supportive. The back is a little higher than my ears. It puts my ear height at about 34".
I bought an Ekornes 20 years ago and it's the only thing in my listening environment that hasn't changed (over, and over, and over again...)
Just "restored" a Selig/Plycraft Eames pirate/knock-off/fake with new high desity foam. Worst thing ever for my rapidly depleting social life.
Another vote for the Ikea Poang. Inexpensive, comfortable, and supportive.
One important sonic factor for when looking for chairs is to ensure your ears will be above the chair back. I found this out when I switched from a leather recliner to the chairs pictured in my system page. A huge sonic improvement.