Dummy Speaker Load

I’m not much of an electrical guy, and looking for a bit of advice. I’ve read about disconnecting your speakers while running a break-in or demagnetizing or such CD, and in their place putting some kind of resistor across the speaker leads. Just so you don’t have to worry about possibly loud volume for an hour while the CD runs.

So what exactly is this device? Can anyone point me to where I might find these, maybe even a source or part number? Sounds really basic lol but that's where I'm at. Any info much appreciated. Thanks.



+1 imhifiman

No reason to leave your amp on if breaking in a CD player.  In fact if your CD player is using an external DAC, that's the only part of this that needs break-in. Maybe.

I use speakers and listen.  Breakin is exaggerated I just as well listen to it.

but if you insist, here are enough resistors for you and 4 friends to break in your amps for $9.    Just clamp one lead in each binding post.


Thanks all. It's not just breaking in the CD player, it's treating all the electronics and cabling. Moving the speakers and reversing polarity is not the best option for me. 

So if all I need is a resistor like oddiofyl and carlsbad mention, then I'm good.

If you google "dummy load resistors" you will find examples of 100 watt 8 ohm non-inductive resistors.  These will allow one to play the amp at higher levels than the 10 watt resistors.  Attach these resistors to appropriate heat sinks and binding posts and you should be good to go.