Dump Your 401K, Invest in records

Great article today in the Wall Street Journal:


Man, 700,000 records, the way to go.
Given the current conditions of our government's deficit and the
pending stock market crash predictions by the professionals, it may
turn out to be the perfect investment.
Selling your records and realizing the absolute high price for your valuable record collection requires expertise, skill and, above all patience. This is not for everybody, as evidenced by the extraordinary amount of unsold records on EBay.
The fact that some records are great investments is true and the price of records in general has been rising for the last decade. There are many first edition Jazz records that are now in the 3,000 range.You may in fact have one of these in your collection.
Case in point....A friend was moving some 15 years ago and I was helping him pack up his records.I noticed he had a copy of the "Freewheelin'" Bob Dylan record,a very,very rare record.This was almost perfect and in Stereo.I sold that record for 12,500.00 and that very same record is now valued at 35,000 dollars.
That is a leap in value that can only be compared to fine art.Think about that next time you are selling a 100 lb amplifier.
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