Dunlavy SC-IV minus SC-I = a good sub?

After an ear-glazing day at the Stereophile show in 1994, I landed in a room with Dunlavy SC-IVs, and right away felt they were the best thing I'd heard, just sounded good. I ended up hanging out there a long time.

I'd like to try some Dunlavys though I'll never get to audition any here in the desert...and see used SC-Is are quite reasonable (and shippable).

Clearly they won't have the bass of an SC-II, III, or IV. But to what degree would a sub make up any differences? Would the SC-I plus a sub give me a good sense of how larger Dunlavys might sound?

Thanks for generously sharing any thoughts.
From searching on the internet, I do realized that some of the SC-5 I saw used dome mid and some used cone mid.

Do you know the story behind the change? Which came first, the dome or the cone?
The Dome came first. But it didn't last long in production.
The domes had wonderful measurements. Absolutely superior impulse response. But often failed in the field, many times due to nothing more than shipping.
The cones soon replaced them and didn't change after that.
I loved the Dunlavy line. I started with the 4's and ended up with the 5's. I really only sold them because they were too big and not attractive enough for my wife when I got married. The SC-5 is a great speaker. I do miss them but the Vandersteen 5A is keeping me quite happy these days at a more manageable size. A used pair of 5's would be a great deal if you have the space and don't mind the fairly Spartan cabinet finish.
Prdprez, I have a pair of Duntech Princess speakers with a pair of Vandersteen 2wq subs and the sound is great. The Duntechs are driven by a pair of JC-1 monos and my room size is 3800 cubic feet. I bought the Princess speakers new in 1988 and have replaced the drivers with NOS direct from Duntech in Australia.
This combination in my room is the most musical that I have ever owned. However I have found that they are real sensitive to room set up and will take time to get it right.

If you still have any interest in the DAL sound, take a look at the pristine pair of SC-IIIs I have for sale. i just got a quote to ship them from Atlanta to San Francisco for under $650 and that includes custom crates, freight and real insurance.